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Inner Mongolia MC builds new-type militia force system

By He Zhiguo and Niu Junfeng (PLA Daily)

08:31, August 16, 2012

More than ten militia emergency detachments under the Inner Mongolia Military Command (MC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) have been resolutely defending the embankments of the Yellow River to cope with the urgent flood recently.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region covering 4,000 kilometers from east to west is not only a strategic frontier but also an energy base. In recent years, the Inner Mongolia MC has strived to implement the strategic thinking of military-civilian integrated development, built the militia force layout focusing on border areas, areas along the Yellow River, natural disaster-prone areas, large and medium-sized cities and areas along important transport lines, and formed a new-type militia force system with regional characteristics.

Nowadays, the Inner Mongolia MC has over 300 professional emergency teams including ice and flood prevention detachment, field combat (drought-fighting operation) water supply detachment, earthquake disaster relief detachment and anti-chemical rescue detachment.

In recent years, the Inner Mongolia MC has dispatched more than 200 thousand persons/times of the militia and reserve force to participate in emergency rescue and disaster relief work and ecological construction. They played a prominent role in such major tasks as power-coal rush-transport, ice and flood prevention of the Yellow River and recovery support of the Shenzhou IX spacecraft.

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