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Individual information machines become soldiers' 'palmtop instructors'

By Hou Guorong and Wang Nengcai (PLA Daily)

08:38, August 15, 2012

'While walking randomly on the afternoon of July 18 into a camouflaged camping tent of an engineer regiment of a group army under the Lanzhou Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), which was going through the camping training in the Tengger Desert, the reporters saw that Private Wang Xiao was browsing on an individual information machine in his hand, while carrying out warm exchanges with his comrades-in-arms from the same squad.

Having sensed the reporters' curiosity, Wang Xiao struck up a demo full of zeal, starting from booting, logging in and connecting to the network. In less than one minute, a video clip of the group army's reading speech on the topic of "Growing up under the Party flag" was played vividly on the screen.

The officers and men told the reporters that this "little guy", jointly developed by the group army and local science and research units, can not only store videos, pictures and other data, but also realize the direct transmission of information to each soldier through wireless connection. Now that the individual information machines have been distributed to squads (teams), soldiers can get access to the troop unit's local area network (LAN) to listen to or watch the exciting contents of dozens of synchronized programs of digital broadcast, expert lectures, e-books and others.

A leader of the group army told the reporters that the individual information machine can satisfy the officers and men's various needs of learning and education, information exchange, entertainment and the like. It has lived up to its reputation as the "handheld instructor". Since the regiment has to handle the camping training for 4-plus months each year, with this "handheld instructor", those common difficulties with the implementation of theoretical studies and political education for troop units during the camping training period have become readily resolved.

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