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North China Sea Fleet establishes joint center for sea situation

By Zhang Gang and Wang Qinghou (PLA Daily)

08:03, August 13, 2012

The North China Sea Fleet under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) organized an actual-troop drill in late July of 2012. The information of an unidentified aerial target was synchronously transmitted to the Joint Center for Sea Situation of the fleet the very moment it was acquired by the front radar of the PLA. In light of the fact of the numerous sea and air targets densely and widely distributed within the area of jurisdiction, the North China Sea Fleet integrated the joint detecting forces to establish an internetworking and information-sharing observation and early-warning system.

At the Joint Center for Sea Situation of the fleet, the sea-related information of the PLA general headquarters/departments, forces of military area commands (MAC) and local transportation, maritime and fishery departments, etc. gains access to the network in real time and integrates automatically, and thus the information of target track, situation and position is clear at a glance. Surface ships, flying airplanes, coastal defense troops and other armed forces can get real-time access to the information on comprehensive battlefield situation through the information system of the center.

"Nowadays, no matter which node is destroyed, the system can complete the reorganization to replace the destroyed one in short time, so as to ensure the continuity of real-time battlefield situation awareness." said Wang Jianwu, director of the radar and sonar division under the fleet headquarters.

In April 2012, the timely and accurate information support provided by the observation and early-warning system of the fleet was widely praised by the participating troop units in the China-Russia joint maritime military exercise.

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