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Wuxi Military Sub-command enhances national defense mobilization efficiency

By Xu Zhenzhu and Wang Yubing (PLA Daily)

15:05, August 10, 2012

A comprehensive drill of national defense mobilization was recently held at the bank of the Taihu Lake. Within less than two hours, thousands of militiamen and reservists as well as tens of thousands of vehicles got well-equipped for departure. According to Wu Jianqi, commander of the Wuxi Military Sub-command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), the extensive application of the information-based achievements has effectively improved the effectiveness of national defense mobilization.

The advanced development of economy and technology in Wuxi city of east China's Jiangsu Province with its highly concentrated science and research institutes and high-tech enterprises has provided strong support for the information-based construction of national defense mobilization. In recent years, the Wuxi Military Sub-command has coordinated with the local government and completed an entire-region information resource sharing system, which draws in various information resources from transportation, public security, civil air defense and so on to build up a highly-effective and fast-speed information-based national defense mobilization network.

In recent years, Wuxi city has also successively laid out 200-plus kilometers of national defense optic cables to link up the networks covering 84 towns (communities and industrial parks) so as to carry out the real-time transmission of video, data and voice. It has realized the integration of the three-level command of city, district and town.

In order to improve the capability of wartime national defense mobilization, the Wuxi Military Sub-command has joined hands with local science and research units in developing the urban air defense computer-aided decision-making system and the information-based command system of national defense mobilization. During the wartime, these systems can speedily generate pre-plans for needed troops, materials, equipment and so forth in accordance with the mobilization task, greatly improving the mobilization speed and accuracy.

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