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'Zheng He' ship concludes visit to French Polynesia

By Li Qinwei and Cao Jinping (PLA Daily)

08:21, August 09, 2012

The "Zheng He" oceangoing training ship of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which was on the "Harmonious Mission – the 'Zheng He' oceangoing training ship's voyage around the world" wrapped up its four-day-long friendly visit to French Polynesia on August 6, 2012 and left at 10:00, local time, for the Kingdom of Tonga for a friendly visit.

During the visit in French Polynesia, the officers and men as well as the cadets on the ship visited the naval base and warship of the French Armed Forces in Polynesia and carried out such activities as a friendly beach football match with French naval officers and men. Meanwhile, the "Zheng He" ship opened to French naval personnel, local residents of Papeete and overseas Chinese and hosted a reception on the deck.

The "Zheng He" ship received new foreign cadets including one junior officer and one midshipman selected by the French Navy. They boarded the "Zheng He" ship on August 5 from Papeete for practical training. Up to now, a total of 11 naval cadets from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Republic of Korea, India, the United States and Canada have completed their voyage of phased practical training on the "Zheng He" ship.

Papeete is the 10th stop of the "Zheng He" ship's tour. The ship is scheduled to sail to Tonga for a friendly visit.

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