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New-type individual support system debuts

By Guo Jianyue and Zou Weirong        (PLA Daily)

16:58, July 24, 2012

The picture shows a scene of a soldier carrying the individual comprehensive support system on back. (Photo by Deng Yong)

According to the briefing, the new individual comprehensive support system developed by the Quartermaster and Equipment Research Institute under the General Logistics Department (GLD) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is equipped with such devices as electronic medical tag, miniature water purifier and so on, and suitable for the ground combat forces of such services and arms as the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Second Artillery Force. It will multiply the individual soldier's field survival competence.

"Features like being complete in functions, light in weight, easy to put on and convenient to take off make it meets the various demands in actual combats," said delightfully Sun Shoulei, a squad leader of the second company of the first battalion of a regiment. This system consists of two parts, the individual combat comprehensive support system and the individual life comprehensive support system, and serves the functions of defense and protection, self-help and mutual aids, eating and drinking, camping and bivouacking, and many others. Its total weight is only 15 kilograms.

"In the past, portable combat equipment such as firearms, ammunition, jugs, satchels, rain gears, gas masks and bullet pouches was usually hung on the body, which was not only heavy but also troublesome to carry," said a troop unit leader.

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