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PLA frontier defense company equipped with fifth generation anti-mosquito uniform

By Jia Qilong and Cui Jiantao  (China Military Online)

08:07, July 23, 2012

Wang Qiang, a squad leader of the Beiwan frontier defense company under the Altay Sub-military Command of the Xinjiang Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), and his nine comrades-in-arms dressed in the fifth generation anti-mosquito uniforms are patrolling along the border line on the morning of July 16, 2012. Li Jinqi, a sergeant who has served for nearly 6 years in the company, said: "Trying the fifth generation anti-mosquito camouflage uniform for nearly one day, I feel it is more comfortable and beautiful than the fourth generation one."

The frontier defense company is stationed at the border point of China's Irtysh River and its station Beiwan is one of the world-famous "mosquito kingdoms". There are the most mosquitoes in the season from May to August every year and mosquito concentration can reach 1,700 per cubic meter, according to a test done by the Hygiene and Epidemic Prevention Department under the Xinjiang MAC of the PLA. It is common for the patrolling officers and men as well as their warhorses to be bitten by mosquitoes during this period, which not only affects the patrolling task, but also endangers the health.

Since the beginning of 1990s, the fourth generation anti-mosquito uniform and 10-odd types of anti-mosquito drugs were developed and allotted by the PLA General Logistics Department (GLD), which effectively prevented the officers and men from mosquito attack. But the uniform had some defects including low tightness, low air permeability and heavy weight.

Under the ultra-sultry weather conditions in the low-lying Beiwan area, the officers and men in the fourth generation anti-mosquito uniform were often soaked after completing their patrolling shift. Especially, some small-sized mosquitoes penetrated the protecting net and went into their noses and mouths during their ambush mission, making them feel very uncomfortable. Learning of these problems during its investigation and study last year, the Bedding and Clothing Bureau of the GLD developed the fifth generation anti-mosquito uniform.

There are three changes for the effects of the new-generation anti-mosquito uniform: first, the waterproof glasses and its elastic-type fixing band for the anti-mosquito cap are added for faster putting on, clearer field of vision and better encapsulation; second, the grids of the anti-mosquito net are smaller and more dense; third, there is no drug smell for the new anti-mosquito uniform, which makes the officers and men more comfortable.

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