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New-type multifunctional logistics support equipment commissioned in Beijing MAC air force

By Li Jianwen and Liu Quan (PLA Daily)

11:27, July 21, 2012

The picture shows the officers and men are deploying the collective refueling vehicle urgently. (Photo by Li Chen)

According to a leader of the Logistics Department of the air force of the Beijing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the commissioning of new-type multifunctional logistics support equipment has changed the phenomenon that the ground air-defense force had to “bear their family burdens” in mobile operation and realized combat support with light packs.

Zhang Tao, battalion commander of a troop unit under the air force of the Beijing MAC of the PLA, said that the new-type multifunctional logistics support equipment tailored for ground air-defense force and issued to the battalion by higher authorities, such as multifunctional food support vehicle, multifunctional position engineering vehicle and field material storage and transportation comprehensive support vehicle, has significantly reduced the operation time of the whole battalion.

The reporter got into a multifunctional food support vehicle and found the vehicle highly integrated and fully functional in that it can not only be used for cooking, but also realize various food support functions including staple and non-staple food processing, refrigeration, freezing and heat preservation.

Liu Yin, director of the Logistics Department of a troop unit under the Beijing MAC of the PLA, said that the previous field food support equipment is mainly composed of self-propelled rolling kitchen, staple food processing vehicle, food refrigeration vehicle, food insulation vehicle, cooking trailer, field supply equipment and restaurant tents. The equipment is large in number, single in function and weak in mobility. One new-type multifunctional food support vehicle has the support functions of five previous ones.

The light logistics support equipment has brought about redoubled support effectiveness. “Through the reform in the field logistics support mode, the field logistics support vehicles are decreased by 36.8 percent, the staff is downsized by 63.8 percent and the support time is shortened by 85 percent in the guided missilebattalion,” said Wang Lianwei, commander of a guided missile regiment under the air force of the Beijing MAC of the PLA.


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