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19 PLA military academies hold joint drill with combat troops

By Zhang Fuqiang and Zhou Meng  (PLA Daily)

08:04, July 10, 2012

A cadet from the Air Force Command College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is simulating the campaign corps commander of the Red side to organize and plan the combat. (Photo by Liu Feng’an)

A total of 19 academies headed by the Shijiazhuang Army Command College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) held the 7-day-long "Joint Teaching 2012" joint drill with a mechanized infantry brigade under the Jinan Military Area Command (MAC) of the PLA at the Queshan Combined Tactics Training Base in mid-June of 2012.

It is learned that this joint drill, featuring the largest number of participating academies, the most complete combat elements and the newest methods applied, is the very first of its kind in the history of the PLA.

According to Shi Zhongwu, general director of the joint drill and president of the Shijiazhuang Army Command College, this drill was set in the background of joint combat under the information-based conditions, employed the military colleges and academies, troop units, training bases and science and research institutes as basic forms to study and practice the key and difficult issues in combat and training as well as application of command information system, and paid special attention to exploring the normalized operational mechanisms of joint teaching and joint training, in a bid to cultivate new-type military command talents with joint operation accomplishment.

This drill has established a joint combat drill platform for the colleges and academies of the three services of the PLA. The entire process made use of the command information system developed by the PLA. The cadets from each service were organized into 5 command organizations of the Red side to match wits with the Blue side of the mechanized infantry brigade. Through intense confrontation, the Red side overcame 300-plus difficult issues of joint operation command, operation and support.


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