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"Battle Lab" aids transformation of combat power generation mode

(PLA Daily)

08:18, June 29, 2012

The picture shows the officers and men are using the simulation training system to conduct tactical deducing. (Photo by Ben Daochun)

"A batch of ship-based radar signals is captured." "Two suspicious aerial targets are detected." During the simulated joint combat training held by an air force troop unit under the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on June 19, 2012, the early warning aircraft of the Air Force integrated the intelligence resources from all services and arms, such as the army reconnaissance stations, naval radar stations and so on, and successfully guided the fighter formation to penetrate the defense line and destroy the scheduled targets.

The leader of the air force headquarters under the Nanjing MAC of the PLA, who was directing the training at the site, stated that due to the scattered positions of the services and arms as well as the different missions, the planning and coordination for a joint training will require such a long cycle that only one or two joint trainings at most can be organized in one year. In order to speed up the transformation of the generating mode of combat power, the air force under the Nanjing MAC has utilized technology embedding, system upgrades and other methods to built up a new simulation training system capable of a variety of functions, such as simulated operations, command and control, battle result evaluation and others, which moves the key combat elements of all services and arms into the "Battle Lab".

Li Jingguo, commander of an aviation regiment, said that through 20-plus kinds of software, the system can be uploaded with the data of such geographic features as mountains, deserts, plains, oceans and the alike, as well as various climatic environments. It can set up different battlefield environments, while simulating and generating over 200 combat units of various services and arms simultaneously. For pilots and operators, entering the system is just like going to the battlefield.

Ke Feng, combat training staff of the regiment, said that all the confrontation effects are fully and accurately evaluated by the system. The decision of the win and loss is based upon the precise comparison of the training data. Any plan of operations formulated can be tested on the virtual battlefield.


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