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11th Chinese naval escort taskforce holds communication drill

By Chen Dianhong and Mi Jinguo (China Military Online)

08:08, June 28, 2012

Liu Kai, communication staff officer of the taskforce, is debugging the individual combat communication equipment for a special operation member. (Photo by Mi Jinguo)

The 11th escort taskforce under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) held communication drill in actual combat context in the waters of the Gulf of Aden on June 26, 2012. Reporters witnessed at the scene that the taskforce rapidly made various plans and sent them to each warship for implementation thanks to the complete communication network and new command system.

Xu Guangjin, communication officer of the taskforce, told reporters that during the escort process, the convenient satellite communication network has played a crucial role in fast handling of emergencies and successful accomplishment of escort missions. This drill has once again verified that the communication network system of the taskforce can meet the needs for the implementation and successful completion of escort missions.

The escort warships' communication of today has been transformed from the original single short-wave communication to a system composed of multiple satellite communication transmission networks. According to the briefing made by Rear Admiral Yang Junfei, commander of the 11th Chinese naval escort taskforce, through multiple means and methods of communication, the taskforce has multiplied its efficiencies in terms of reporting the escort situation, exchanging information with foreign ships, timely achieving communication with the escorted ships as well as organizing and commanding the taskforce's escort missions. The escort capability of the taskforce has been further enhanced.

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