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7,000-odd parameters: experts unveil daily management of Tiangong-1

(PLA Daily)

08:11, June 18, 2012

"There are a total of more than 7,000 parameters on the daily routine inspection of the Tiangong-1, and 900 of them should be verified every day." said Xu Hongbing, deputy director of the Aircraft Management Office, pointing at the close and numerous data constantly refreshed on the telemetering page of the Tiangong-1, "These parameters reflect the states of the Tiangong-1 in real time."

Besides the states of orbit maintenance, attitude adjustment, flight mode conversion, equipment routine inspection and energy of the Tiangong-1, these parameters also include regular power-on tests of the equipment of docking mechanism, video, picture and voice transmission and communication, data transmission of useful payload scientific experiment carried by the Tiangong-1, detection of the air environment inside the space capsule and space collision warning, etc.

Therefore, constantly inspecting these parameters is the way in which the long-term managerial staff looks after the Tiangong-1, and constantly inputting instructions is the means by which the staff takes care of the spacecraft.

The Tiangong-1 flies 16 circles every day, and it is easy to imagine the intensity of the staff's efforts to take care of the spacecraft. "We keep abreast of and control the states of the Tiangong-1 by turns around the clock every day." said Xu Hongbing.


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