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PLA battlefield support capability makes great strides

(PLA Daily)

14:05, June 14, 2012

The Central Military Commission (CMC) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the General Headquarters/Departments of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) have promulgated a series of policies of loving and caring for grassroots officers and men since the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

Living standards of PLA grassroots officers and men keep improving

The standard of meals for grassroots officers and men has been uplifted for twice, with the minimum standard raised from 10 yuan to 18 yuan for each person every day. The newly-built modern barracks are fully functional, highly informationized and environmentally friendly. All the officers and men have received the type-07 new military uniforms. The standard of medical security has been improved, the variety of medical security medicines has been increased to 2,135 and the medical treatment expenses of common soldiers have increased by 30% in the past five years. All the PLA grassroots companies have been equipped with satellite televisions and internet is available in nearly 90% of the organic battalions and companies.

Field operations' living support enhances combat effectiveness

With the enhanced strength of the national economy, science and technology, the battlefield support capability of the PLA has made great strides. The new technologies, new equipment and new products used for battlefield logistics support have emerged in quick succession these years, which have effectively improved the living and support conditions of training and operation of officers and men and have improved the combat effectiveness.

The General Logistics Department (GLD) of the PLA has developed a new-generation compressed food and fortified 10 vitamins and 5 mineral elements, making nutrients more comprehensive and balanced. The PLA Navy has developed more than 80 kinds of new-type food that are green, fresh, nutritious and environmentally friendly. The Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the PLA has developed various field rations such as anti-radiation food and food for tunnel conditions.

The Health Department under the GLD of the PLA offered a set of data: the incidence rate of altitude diseases has declined significantly after the implementation of the "oxygen-inhaling project" in all the PLA plateau troop units.


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