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'Joint Teaching 2012 Queshan' achieves expected effect

(China Military Online)

13:45, June 14, 2012

The "Joint Teaching 2012 Queshan" joint drill drew to a close at the combined tactics training base of the Jinan Military Area Command (MAC) of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Queshan on June 12, 2012, according to Xinhua News Agency. Shi Zhongwu, chief director of the joint drill and president of the Shijiazhuang Army Command College, said the joint drill has achieved prospective effect.

This is the first time for nearly 20 military academies and a brigade-level combat unit to participate in a joint drill which aims at studying to build a new model to cultivate new-type top quality military commanders and promote in depth the reform of post-oriented education in military academies, added Shi Zhongwu.

The participants successfully fulfilled the drill of five training issues during the seven-day-long period, summing up practical experience for a further exploration of methods and ways to conduct a normative and systematic joint teaching and training, he added.

The "Joint Teaching 2012 Queshan" joint drill acts as a pathfinder for solving various problems in the teaching and training of China's military colleges and academies. It becomes an inevitable course for the transformation of military academies and the innovation of teaching modes to promote the development of joint teaching and training among academies and between academies and troop units by ways of complementing each other's advantages and sharing resources to a systematic, normative and standardized orientation, according to Shi Zhongwu.


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