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First phase of China-Thailand joint training "Blue Assault-2012" concluded

By Qian Xiaohu and Liao Zhiyong (PLA Daily)

08:48, May 22, 2012

The picture shows the Thai marines are demonstrating ways of key target search and penetration. (Photo by Gao Yi)

With the last subject of basic skills of field survival training accomplished, the 6-day-long in-camp mixed-force simultaneous training phase of the China-Thailand marine corps joint training, codenamed "Blue Assault-2012", was successfully concluded on May 18, 2012. The members of both sides participating in the joint training took landing ships to the waters of Shanwei in south China's Guangdong province to conduct the related training of the phase of comprehensive drill.

  According to the China-Thailand marine corps joint training plan, the participating troops from both sides started the in-camp mixed-force simultaneous training subjects on a comprehensive tactic training ground of a marine brigade under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on May 12, 2012. During the 6 days, the 200-plus participating officers and men from both sides were composited into four groups to carry out common anti-terrorism training subjects under actual combat conditions, such as live-ammunition firing, key target search and penetration, squad and group jungle tactics, anti-explosion and explosive check and so on. In addition, the participating members of the Chinese side also made demonstrations to their counterparts on such exchange subjects as mechanized infantry combat, basic skills of field survival and others.


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