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Equipment long-range support system spans across Tianshan Mountains

By Zhang Wei and Xu Bicheng (PLA Daily)

08:28, May 17, 2012

An equipment support drill under information-based conditions organized by the Altay Military Sub-command of the Xinjiang Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was launched in the depth of the mountains in early May. When the power system of a new-type patrol vehicle on duty broke down, the military and local maintenance specialists hundreds of kilometers away immediately guided the patrol officers and men to repair through the "Long-range Maintenance Technical Support System", and eliminated the malfunction in only half an hour.

  Since the troops of this military sub-command are stationed in scattered positions around the low-temperature mountains in Northern Xinjiang, the military sub-command has been exploring the joint military-local support system based on the military sub-command with the participation of the equipment mobilization forces from the stationed areas. It signed cooperation agreements with 10-plus local maintenance enterprises and equipment suppliers in the stationed areas, and established technical support mechanism with a number of repair workshops and equipment maintenance training institutions in and outside the military. Together, they worked on the research and development of the frontier defense equipment of "Long-range Maintenance Technical Support System", carried out the assistance and support and elevated the efficiency and quality of equipment maintenance.

  According to the briefing, ever since the "Long-range Maintenance Technical Support System" was put into use, it has repeatedly solved the problems of equipment support for the first-line officers and men of frontier defense. In recent years, the military sub-command has accomplished excellent tasks of equipment support in border management and control drills as well as snow fighting and disaster relief for more than 10 times.


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