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First day of Chinese and foreign naval cadets' joint training

By Li Qinwei and Cao Jinping (PLA Daily)

08:20, April 20, 2012

The Chinese and foreign naval cadets who were on the "Harmonious Mission – the 'Zheng He' oceangoing training ship's voyage around the world" conducted oceangoing practice and training on the morning of April 18, 2012.

"From this day on, these naval cadets from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Republic of Korea and other countries will conduct training on various subjects including physiographic navigation, celestial navigation and maritime meteorology together with the Chinese naval cadets," said Jiang Guoping, deputy commander of the visit and president of the Dalian Naval Academy of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Zoubaier, a Pakistani cadet, was conducting training on the operation of a sextant range finder attentively under the guidance of his instructor on the rear deck of the "Zheng He" ship. A navigation instructor of the Dalian Naval Academy said, "The sextant range finder has been used in navigation for over 200 years. Position-finding through sextant range finder is still an indispensable skill for naval officers." Zoubaier told the reporter that positioning in Pakistan mainly relies on global positioning system (GPS) while that in China relies on more diversified tools and he was delighted to learn these traditional positioning methods.

The foreign cadets on the "Zheng He" ship had a brand-new understanding of the PLA Navy through mutual learning. Yu Zhenshan, a South Korean cadet on the ship, said, "All the Chinese cadets are very clever and also quite friendly to us. I feel it is a rare opportunity to learn on such a Chinese special training ship."

"We can also learn a lot in the training together with foreign cadets on the same ship," said Lu Taotao, a Chinese cadet of the Dalian Naval Academy. The navy is an international service and the training for the Chinese and foreign cadets on the same ship takes English as the language of instruction during the whole voyage and offers such courses as foreign affairs etiquette, world history and culture, geopolitics and national security, which will help us further broaden maritime horizons, strengthen strategic awareness and improve comprehensive qualities. "Just like the theme of the round-the-world voyage – 'Harmonious Mission', we have performed, and also publicized the concept of harmony during the joint training for the Chinese and foreign cadets," said Lu Taotao.

According to a briefing, the Chinese and foreign naval cadets will also conduct training on 13 subjects including organization and management of warship training, navigation law and enforcement, naval seamanship and warship operation during the round-the-world voyage. Meanwhile, the teaching group will also specially offer foreign naval cadets some teaching contents with Chinese characteristics such as basic Chinese, Chinese traditional culture lectures and Chinese-song-singing, so as to help them learn professional knowledge and understand Chinese culture in a better way.


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