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"Zheng He" training ship's round-the-world navigation boasts four features

By Li Qinwei and Cao Jinping (PLA Daily)

09:02, April 19, 2012

The "Zheng He" oceangoing training ship, led by Rear Admiral Liao Shining, deputy chief of staff of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), embarked on a glorious round-the-world voyage on April 16, 2012 from Dalian city, northeast China's Liaoning Province. Soon after the sailing, Liao Shining accepted the exclusive interview by the PLA Daily reporters with the ship and answered the questions of the objective and significance of the round-the-world sailing and the oceangoing practice and training for the Chinese and foreign naval cadets.

Liao Shining said the "Harmonious Mission – the "Zheng He" ship's voyage around the world" boasts important significance on consolidating and developing the relations between China and various countries to be visited, promoting the exchanges between the Chinese and foreign navies, enhancing mutual trust, broadening the international perspective of the PLA naval officers and men, forging new PLA naval talents and showcasing the good image of the Chinese military.

This is the second round-the-world sailing conducted by the PLA Navy after its first sailing by the No. 113 Ship Formation in 2002. Liao Shining briefed that this round-the-world sailing possesses four main features:

First, the mission is independently carried out by the "Zheng He" ship which is an oceangoing sailing and training ship rather than a combatant ship or a fleet. This is the first of its kind in the history of the PLA Navy;

Second, this voyage is cadet-oriented and takes teaching and training as its central task. The naval cadets practicing on the ship not only include 110 cadets, among them 13 are female cadets, from the Dalian Naval Academy, naval cadet representatives from 13 countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Republic of Korea among others will also board for practice in different phases, during which they will live, eat, receive trainings and execute duty tasks together with the PLA naval cadets;

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