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Cavalry style remains in border area

By Qin Zhaoping, Zhao Guotao and Wang Zhonghui (PLA Daily)

08:50, April 19, 2012

The picture shows the cavalry is charging. (Photo by Chu Wenjie)

The border area north of the Great Wall in April is still cold with snow lingering on the ground. As a signal flare streaked across the blue sky, a dense fit of hoof-beats broke the tranquility of the prairie.

Dozens of cavalrymen separated into three columns and began to encircle a group of "armed border trespassers".

Two groups of cavalrymen dismounted from their horses at about 150 meters from the "enemy", while their horses cleverly lay down sideways to cover their cavalrymen as they began shooting.

While the assault element accelerated its assault and began shooting on horsebacks, the resistance from the "armed insurgents" immediately collapsed.

These were the scenes of a drill of a cavalry battalion under the Inner Mongolia Military Command (MC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). Zhang Tao, the battalion commander, told reporters that such real combat subjects as shooting on horseback and man-horse combined covering had been restored recently. Judging from the effects of the drill, the cavalry training was going well.

At the cavalry museum of the battalion, the reporters were able to realize the process of the PLA cavalry force's development. The cavalry force was one of the arms established in the early period of the PLA. In its heyday, the PLA cavalry force had 12 divisions and more than 100 thousand horces.

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