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Growth of China's national defense expenditure reasonable

By Jiang Luming, Wang Weihai (Guangming Daily)

07:35, March 23, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Although there are many factors to consider about how much money should be spent on a country’s national defense in peaceful times, the most important one is the need of the national security.

Fundamentally, the increase of China's national defense expenditure is determined by its special national conditions and the security need.

China has 9.6 million square kilometers of land area, over three million square kilometers of marine area and a dozen neighboring countries, with 22,000 kilometers of land boundary line and 18,000 kilometers of coastline. It must spend a large amount of money on national defense to protect such a large land area. Among the countries with over three million square kilometers of land area, the share of China’s defense expenditure in the GDP has been the lowest.

As the largest developing country, China must deal with the suppression and exclusion from the hegemonic countries. The issue of reunification has been restricting China's peaceful development.

As a country in an unstable surrounding environment and is transforming from traditional economy to modernized economy, China faces the most complicated geopolitical environment.

As a country that is transforming from traditional economy to modernization, it faces increasingly severe contradiction in the supply and demand of energy and other resources. The tasks of obtaining overseas resources and safeguarding the supply and transport have become more and more arduous. Therefore, China must maintain moderate defense expenditure to respond to the security threats from diverse, multi-dimensional and changeable factors.

The moderate growth of China's defense expenditure is facing dual pressures: On one hand, it needs to gradually make up for the historical debts; on the other hand, it needs to narrow the dynamic gap between China's military transformation and the world's new military transformation.

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PD User at 2012-03-26112.79.40.*
totally i dont like this country, their products are avoidable one, insect eaters
wende at 2012-03-2371.255.86.*
China should modernize its armed forces gradually so as not to meet the same fate as USSR which arm race with US led to its demise. The west wants China to be transparent about its intentions for the military modernization. Have they done the same? Why should US, with 11 carrier groups, question China about its only carrier which is not even operational at this time. China should also question why US has 4 carrier groups in Aisa.
Canada at 2012-03-2370.36.49.*
It"s inconceivable that Obama doesn"t realize it"s U.S. actions that cause countries to arm for self defence.

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