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Aircraft carrier to begin service this year

By Wu Jiao  (China Daily)

08:06, March 13, 2012

Weaponry developing in line with rising defense needs, say analysts

China plans to put its first aircraft carrier into service later this year, a top navy official said.

Xu Hongmeng, deputy commander of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, told the People's Daily on Sunday the PLA "has a plan" to put it into service this year. The carrier has undergone four sea trials since last year.

According to media reports, the former Varyag, which is docked in Dalian Port, in Northeast China's Liaoning province, is currently equipped with life-size model planes.

China's first aircraft carrier, a retrofitted former Soviet vessel, set out on its maiden voyage on Aug 10 and returned to port five days later. It underwent three more sea trials in the Pacific.

Rear Admiral Cao Dongshen, a deputy at the 11th National People's Congress, China's top legislature, told China Daily on Monday that the refitted aircraft carrier will not be deployed as part of a single fixed fleet, but will keep traveling.

The carrier will be used mainly for experiments, training and scientific research, Cao said on the sidelines of the annual national legislature session.

Cao brushed aside a report that China is building overseas naval bases, because the country has a near-shore defense policy.

Wang Dengping, the political commissar of the Navy's North China Sea Fleet, told the media on Sunday that possessing an aircraft carrier will not change China's defense policy.

China has 3 million square kilometers of sea area yet only one aircraft carrier, which is mainly committed to scientific research and training. Our near-shore defense policy will not be changed, Wang said.

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PD User at 2012-04-01222.175.51.*
out country, as one of the top trading nations,is alreading behind in the defense system, like a aircraft carrier; it is not excessive even to say, instead of one, to build 2 or more carriers, the only reason is: we need!
PD User at 2012-03-31175.206.233.*
all the commentors" hollow soarings here prove that they know absolutely nothing about anthropolitics. Does China have to report the vessel"s whereabouts to India, stupid nearsea South East Asia? They are shit. And we are gold. We must report to the West due to one simple reason. Who do you have to report to about your whereabouts in your family, buttheads?
Pumpkin at 2012-03-31121.214.60.*
Why is China so apologetic about having an aircraft carrier? Why does she has to keen saying it is for scientific studies, etc? What is this stupid "near sea defence"? She is one of the world top trading nations with economic, poltical and other interests and assests globally that she needs to defend. She has every rights to DEFEND if and when her interests is threatened in Africa, Asia, Europe and even Americas. Aircraft carriers, and not only one, is very much part of the DEFENCE policy.
SUZ Shawpawn at 2012-03-23117.18.231.*
Because of US double standard and being the only super power after the breakdown of USSR the entire world is disappointed and looking for a CHANGE. All are looking forward at China to rescue this present world out of this so called US and Western leadership. The step taken to launch aiecraft carrier from China is undoutedly a great news for many who are bore of US guardianship. US is capable of doing so only because of his so many aircraft carriers! Where their carrier can"t enter they are desperately looking for a base on other"s soil. This is why they are seeking a base in Nepal. Like billions of others we are also in hope that one day this world must be a better place to live under the leadership of China.....
Too transparent at 2012-03-13220.255.1.*
Why must China report its aircraft carrier and its whereabout in such details. I do not see the west doing so. Do not be prod into the transparency issue as the west knows about your characteristic to get some revelation.Even the Brits said they sent its prisioner to Australia and there were no rebuttal from its truly investigative reporters.Don"t the Brits have enough space for few thousand prisoners those days and must sent them have way across the globe to dump them? Isn"t it dangerous for the captains and its crews?Why must all their occupied countries be isolated islands and "whites" only where its indegenious people "all died of disease" etc. I believe those minority that survived run into jungle that cannot or are dangerous to be tracked.

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