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PLA J-10 fighters cruise with live ammunition in Tibet

(People's Daily Online)

07:58, February 24, 2012

A J-10 fighter flies over mountains. (China Military Online)

On Jan. 31, a fleet of J-10 fighters of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force cruised with live ammunition in Tibet.

Edited and translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online

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PD User at 2012-02-25119.250.35.*
what a great act it is !
fool at 2012-02-24117.242.144.*
compete with supercomputers capacity that is called as competition and supercomputers combined data calculation across the globe
fool at 2012-02-24117.242.144.*
does an average chinese have the mental capacity to compete with all supercomputers computing capacity across the world it means what a supercomputer do across the world a chinese can do it exceed normal human mental capacity what normal human can think develop across the globe include scientists,analysts,think tanks u should exceed them.u should be 1000 times more better than them.even if they combine u should exceed them.exceed normal humans analyzing methods,research methods,discovery methods mental capacity xtreme and world total supercomputer analyzing ,outcome from any continent.
Sherazur Rahman at 2012-02-24119.30.45.*
China already have achived greatest avations technology in the world. she now can build j-10, j-11, j-11B and others modern air crafts like USA and Russia. China is now developing her own ws-10 after burning turbofan engine and effective rudder system and weapons for j-10. but still now, china is usuing Russian RD-33 engine for the air crafts. Recently China has lounched her stealth j-20 prototype heavy air craft.(a primary school teacher from Bangladesh)
ng. at 2012-02-24220.255.1.*
Look like your fighter jets are exposed totally in the open. In case a confict arises, all your jets are exterminated if there are no underground to hide them secretly.

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