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Australian think tank: China's radar can easily detect F-35 fighter

(People's Daily Online)

08:44, February 22, 2012

F-35 fighter

Edited and translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

According to news report from Taiwan, Peter Kwan, founder of an Australian independent defense think tank, said that the Australian Air Force had set too high expectation about the stealth performance of the F-35 stealth fighter and the combat capability of the fighter has also been exaggerated.

He stressed that the F-35 stealth fighter are vulnerable to advanced radar system. After China and Russia acquire brand-new radars, they could easily detect the jet fighter.

The F-35 stealth fighter, developed by the Lockheed Martin, is taken by many countries as the lead fighter. Australia plans to replace its ageing strike jets with up to 100 American F-35 stealth fighters.

However, in recent years there has been speculation that ongoing advances in radar detection and tracking will, in the near future, obviate the ability of all-aspect, low-observable aircraft such as the F-35 stealth fighter.

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ari at 2012-02-2477.247.181.*
You mean "detect" not "capture". That's bad English.
Loneman at 2012-02-23175.139.237.*
China should rope in Indonesia and any other Asean member for such defence improvement. Signing up to free up people movement within East Asia should be a precondition as it evidences the willingness to build a common stable East Asia.
GotoDengo at 2012-02-2375.182.90.*
@Huoqiao - Human eyes? You don"t really get how modern air-combat plays out, do you?
Guest at 2012-02-22114.76.126.*
Any Air Force or Navy shouldn"t get their hopes about the turkey"s (JSF) stealth capability. Because the F-35 is not survivable. The kind of stealth quality the aircraft has is much less than the F-22 Raptor. The JSF will need the F-22 to survive serious high-end threats and the F-35 is not designed as a top level fighter. When stealth goes naked, due to turns that the maker of the aircraft has already stated, “can increase an aircraft"s radar cross section by a factor of 100 or more”, the F-35 has no extreme high altitude and speed of the survivable F-22. The JSF is optimised for ‘Forward’ and ‘Side’ aspect best performance limited to X band, only. Target KPP downgraded to Low Observable (LO) from Very Low Observable (VLO) – an order of magnitude change. Conversely, while the JSF’s APG-81 radar provides respectable air-to-air radar coverage capability, it is being optimised as a bomber radar to meet the Joint Operational Requirements Document (JORD) and CAIV.
Huoqiao at 2012-02-2275.72.239.*
No such thing as stealth when that finger size bird flying high over the blue sky still be spotted by human naked eyes. Why would such a jumbo fighter jet be so stealth? It can only be stealth to the developing nations, but not the high tech, nor the primitive one. Those stealth drones in Afghanistan able to shoot and killed many Taliban, but base on video you tube, a goat is quicker, more camouflage, and more stealthier. They were sitting ducks and screaming, singing, while in fire fight.

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