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China, Russia join hands in producing general aviation aircraft

By Wei Wenqing (People's Daily)

16:00, February 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

A signing ceremony for a Chinese-Russian general aviation aircraft production project was recently held in Beijing.

At the ceremony, China Oriental Sciences Group signed an agreement with China-Russia International Investment Company and a Russian aircraft design company to build in Erdos a base for manufacturing small four-to-12-seat general aviation planes, a general aviation research base, a general aviation pilot training base, and an aviation club. The project involves a total investment of 8 billion yuan, and the manufacturing base is expected to have an annual output of 400 planes.

Zhuang Zhong, president of China Oriental Sciences Group, said that general aviation aircraft production in China is still in its infancy. After completion, the project will focus on the research and development of new general aviation aircraft and new equipment, in order to ensure that its products maintain strong global competitiveness.


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wZarfeuTMRZrQg at 2012-03-1191.224.161.*
From my engagement with the Chinese dasrpoia, they know that the British and the French were the culprits after the Opium war as they have history before them. The Japanese were hated for their invasion and the widespread atrocities in China and they have pictures in Nanjing city and the Japanese war prison in Lushan to remind themselves. The lingering resentment was due to the use of opium against the Chinese nation plus the plundering of China by Europeans; whereas as for the Japanese, it was the cruel treatment and atrocities. Moreover, it resulted in the colonisation of some of China's territory by the Japs and the Europeans and their unequal treaties upon her.On the other hand,I don't think the Chinese harbour any historical bitterness against the Americans. Though the Chinese went to war with the US over Korea and currently unhappy over the Taiwan issue, they were due to ideological feuds with no colonisation or unequal treaties forced upon China. The memories therefore are not painful for the Chinese.China ocassionally play the nationalism card whenever it feels that the US are pushing a containment policy against her. In the case of Japan, it is for not making a formal apology unlike Germany. Their determination for economic development and modernisation of the military is their way of saying Never Again And I don't think there's any wrong to use this call to galvanise its people to achieve their national policies. It is at best the easiest method..rightly or wrongly.. of getting its people to focus its energy in nation bulding.What we need to fear only (and is absolutely wrong should it rears its head) is whether the Chinese plan to use her new found strength to settle scores for past misdeeds to her.Reminder : This is only my personal view subject to correction.
Richard at 2012-02-2398.112.175.*
China will eventually get it right, however I don"t want to be on the first 400 aircraft. I spent three weeks in Shanghai last summer trying to hook up with aviators. I finally found an Air Museum hidden behind an amusement park. No one knew where it was or even that it existed. They kept sending me to the Air Museum light train station where there is going to be one sometime in the future.The Museum had a variety of military jet fighters. A very close examination of the workmanship indicated that any EAA chapter would have made a better product. I met will the FAA rep at the Consulate who is overseeing commuter jet production. He and many other tech folks said nothing happens unless it comes from Beijing. It will be a long time before GA aircraft of any number and size will come out of this system.
Pete at 2012-02-22192.206.89.*
China and Russia struggle nowadays to keep talented engineers on staff, relying heavily on western subcontractors to do the work for them. I know - I"m one of them.
justthefactsplease at 2012-02-21144.160.226.*
It"s well documented of the wonders and technology that was developed in China over the centuries, but it"s quite obvious the political and social environment didn"t allow or promote widespread adoption or further development of many of these wonders unless it benefited the State. Until there"s a system that provides personal reward for individual effort to excel, I"m afraid the efforts there will be nothing more but the continued plagiarization of other peoples creativity. The West certainly isn"t perfect (whatever that means), but if you took a walk through China today, there"s still a long way to go before the citizens enjoy a living standard that even remotely approaches much of the devloped western world. The ability to manufacture something cheaper due to deplorable working conditions or chosing to use inferior materials as a means to outdo your competition is not a good foundation for a "superior" society. In many of the industrialized cities, the air quality is toxic, the water is undrinkable, and safe housing is unobtainable....there"s a long way to go but the potential is virtually limitless.
Thomas Hempstead at 2012-02-2165.191.108.*
When I learned Cessna was going to make the 162 in China, after I had put down my deposit, I cancelled. It was a nightmare to get back my 5K. Chinese motorcycles or cars are one thing...airplanes are another whole story. You trust the Chinese to make a sound reliable airplane? Got a bridge I want to sell you.....

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