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Chinese naval drill legitimate

By Zhang Yunbi  (China Daily)

11:23, February 04, 2012

BEIJING - China on Friday dismissed Japan's concerns about Chinese naval ships traveling through international waters in the Okinawa Islands, saying it is just a regular drill.

The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that the vessels are en route for the western Pacific Ocean as part of a regular training exercise.

"China enjoys legal rights including sailing through international waters, and the naval exercise has conformed to international laws and regulations," the statement said.

According to Kyodo News Agency, four Chinese frigates sailed between Okinawa Island and Miyako Island in southern Japan. Japan's coast guard has its surveillance aircraft and ships on alert and monitoring the situation.

The reported route is expected to go between the two islands through a channel of international waters, which is about 300 km wide.

Osamu Fujimura, Japan's cabinet secretary, said on Friday afternoon that the ships "have yet to enter the territorial waters (of Japan)", and they "have not been confirmed as dangerous or made movements that violate international laws", Japan's Jiji Press News Agency reported.

Experts said Tokyo is "overreacting" and exaggerating the matter.

Zhou Yongsheng, a professor of Japanese studies at China Foreign Affairs University, said the channel is "the most convenient route" to the Pacific Ocean for Chinese ships.

"The regular naval drill in the western Pacific Ocean is no harm to Japan's security," Zhou said.

Also on Friday, Beijing expressed strong dissatisfaction over remarks by Japanese senior officials about China's Tianwaitian gas and oil deposit. Liu Weimin, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said the country's stance on the East China Sea issue has been clear and consistent.

The deposit is located in undisputed Chinese territorial waters and does not apply to the principles of consensus concerning the East China Sea issue.

The Tianwaitian operation is "justifiable and reasonable", Liu said. He urged Japan to correctly apply the principles of consensus between the two countries.

Japanese media has accused Beijing of "violating the agreements reached by both countries" and "unilaterally developing" the Tianwaitian deposit.


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arkhangelsk at 2012-02-08210.177.156.*
Oh, I"ll agree it is legitimate. Still, it is the different standards applied by the People Daily is quite funny.Other people"s drills are worrying to China even if it is only shipping a few tanks in their own territory. China"s drills are no threat to others on the basis it is legal...
Non Observer at 2012-02-0571.197.84.*
Also it is funny how small pet country trying to make a lot of noise to big kid
laozhong at 2012-02-0571.255.83.*
China should not mind about the howlings of Japan and should treat them as nasty breeze. As long as Chinese ships are on open seas, they can go anywhere they want
wende at 2012-02-0571.255.83.*
To Observer, why should you think that all the claimants are right and China is wrong. There is nothing funny about it. You have a bias about China. Did China colonize and occupy another country like what US and other former western powers did? Diaoyu and its surroundings are Chinese territories.
Tracker at 2012-02-04122.107.87.*
It is funny how every country (except China) is right and only China is wrong. Hmmm... ;-)

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