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PLA signalmen in training

(China Military Online)

14:44, January 06, 2012

The picture features a scene of the signalmen of a troop unit under the Second Artillery Force of the PLA in training. (China Military Online/Han Yihang)

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china should invest heavily in design enginerring for weapons which makes it impossible to detect by A radar or defence system,similarly priciples of images war,principles of convertibility from one to another,priciples,metroid based weapon system,in a nutshell total traditional method of wars from last 3000 years should be ablished the army of china should be ready for 2nd generation of war and new techniques never apllied never heared
ttt at 2012-01-08122.174.75.*
china should develop something different than nuclear hydrogen and neutron from 50 years we are hearing this now time has changed some new thing should take place in place of these thing like heat energy or increase in atmospheric pressure something different and more effective than this similarly like tanks from 1918 this concept is going on why something different than this and not a desighn based on western methods
ttt at 2012-01-08122.174.75.*
china should develop missiles with artificial intelligence so that strike be it long or short should destroy the set target
ttt at 2012-01-08122.174.75.*
china should develop control of airtraffic from satellite not from airports this put danger of spying and air damage concept of current airports model should change similarly movement of ships ie current port model
ttt at 2012-01-08122.174.75.*
china should develop priciples of atomic satellite where missiles can be fired from space to earth,blocking of sea space and air space( NOt Current techniques where all planes are ordered by atc to shut down) but such air space and sea space blocking system as by blocking if any flight be it fighter or missiles get automatically destroyed if it enters in chinese airspace or seaspace(for warships and submarines)this can be done like using laser based defence system or high intensity light ruling the chinese airspace.

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