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China's aircraft carrier back from 3rd sea trials


13:18, December 31, 2011

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Sherazur Rahman at 2012-02-24119.30.45.*
China has recently joined the air craft carrier family globally. she has developed ex- USSR carrier vargey. we know that Indian navy already have launched two air crafts carrier with the enriched of hundered naval air crafts like mig-29k and others and three others air crafts carrier under construction. So, China , the great nation must have at least 5 or more air crafts carrrier above 80000-100000 tons and large effective capabilites. we also ignore that USA has 11 actives supper air crafts carrier and 1 has as a reserve and also is going 2 or more under constructions. As a result China must have at least 5 or more carrier for her naval defense security for the future threanten situations. It is also good news that china is developing her naval fighterj-12B and j-15 like su-27sk with the enriched of own technology and avationic kits and devices. So, we all hope for the greatest and bright future of PLA air crafts carrier. (A village primary school teacher from Bangladesh)
Huoqiao at 2012-01-2275.72.239.*
I still can"t believe that this giant panda can"t build her own aircraft carrier. Lacking what tech that shorten your ability? When I first arrived in the U.S. back in the 70"s, the U.S. cashier machine were still one finger strike on the keys, type writer still manual boll strike on ribbon. yet, the U.S already have aircraft carriers. What happen to the Panda?
Startribune dot come at 2012-01-0575.72.239.*
This is too small, almost nothing. With your wealth, you must build 20 of them. yes, you can. You must out numbers anyone in order to live free. Reduce your sky scrapers and spend those money on things that will last China to the next 100 years. Obama"s presence is an election-year effort to place the president squarely behind a new military strategy that will downsize the Pentagon, pivot from expensive ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and refocus on threats from China while not ignoring the threat of Iran. Military experts familiar with Panetta"s thinking said that Obama had opposed reducing the U.S. carrier fleet to 10 from 11 because of what he sees as the need to have enough force in the Pacific Ocean to act as a counterweight to China.
max at 2012-01-0474.120.12.*
Bl**dy Pentagon sock-puppet pest "srinivas"! Why is he not deleted like how Russia Today does it? What"s wrong with Chinese media"s moderators?
Srinivas at 2012-01-04123.201.68.*
The so called Hotel is completed its 3rd sea trails hilarious!!!!!!

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