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PLA zeroes in on college hiring (6)

By Zhao Shengnan and Li Xiaokun  (China Daily)

09:46, December 22, 2011

Not about the money

Some young recruits said the stronger motivation for recruitment comes from their curiosity about military life and a yearning for a more disciplined self.

"Recruits actually seldom talk about money, though better treatment for schooling and job hunting helps ease some applicants' concerns about their future," said Jia from Tsinghua University. "Today's youth care more about their growth in the army, especially psychologically. Personally, I found myself more diligent and certain to work for the public's good in the future."

Zhou Ling, a 23-year-old Beijing resident, gave up an engineering job paying 5,000 yuan ($773) a month to fulfill his dream of "defending the homeland". He volunteered in October to be a soldier in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

Zhou's mother, a successful businesswoman, initially opposed her son's decision because he was likely to be promoted to a management position one year later. His father, who has served in the army for 20 years, finally convinced his wife.

"Parents always want the best for their children. My wife and I are not an exception," the father, Zhou Jinhong, said. "My son will realize his dream, broaden his vision and steel himself in the army. Isn't this good enough?"

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