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China's carrier on 3rd sea trials

By Bob Yang (Shanghai Daily)

08:24, December 22, 2011

China's refitted aircraft carrier was towed back to the port in northeast China's Liaoning Province by tugboats at 10:45 am on August 14, 2011 after four days of tests in the Yellow Sea.(Shanghai Daily Photo)

China's aircraft carrier set off for its third sea trials yesterday with experts saying they may involve the first tests of aircraft landing and taking off.

The Ministry of National Defense said previously that the carrier had completed all refitting and testing work as scheduled and the following sea trials would be for scientific research and experiments.

The carrier was towed out by five tugboats at 2:30pm from the port of Dalian in northeast China's Liaoning Province to the Yellow Sea.

The trials will last for nine days in an area out of bounds to other shipping, the Dalian Maritime Bureau said on its website.

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helen at 2011-12-22203.82.80.*
I am looking forward to the launch of more Chinese indigenous aircraft carriers and the development and deployment of missiles aimed at enemy carrier fleets.The war is now brought ever so closer to China and we all know that the Qing Dynasty era was long over!?

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