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China denies overseas military base rumors

(People's Daily Online)

16:02, December 14, 2011

Beijing, Dec. 14 (People's Daily Online) -- China on Tuesday said that it has never set up military bases abroad, and there is no cause to worry about China seeking a re-supply port for its navy ships in Seychelles.

At a daily press briefing yesterday in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin was asked whether China was discussing with Seychelles about deploying Chinese troops and planes in that country.

"I have not heard of this issue," said Liu. "China has never set up military bases in other countries."

Recently, Chinese naval ships participated in a multi-nation campaign against pirates striking off Africa, and the Asian country may consider seeking supply facilities at appropriate harbors in the Seychelles.

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie paid an official friendly visit to Seychelles earlier this month, and Seychelles welcomed the Chinese escort mission and invited Chinese vessels to stop at the port of Seychelles for supply and stopover during the Chinese escort mission.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, China is considering the offer from the Seychelles to set up a supply base for its naval ships.

"It is normal international practice for navies of any nations to stop over at ports of nearby countries for supply during the long-distance voyage mission," said Liu. "Based on our demand in the escort mission, China will consider stopping over at ports of Seychelles or other countries for supply."

Such acts are transparent and there's no cause for worry, Liu said. (Li Zhenyu)

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Passer at 2011-12-15114.255.171.*
China"s growing military reach has been felt.
romanov at 2011-12-1580.94.16.*
2011-12-14.Western media writing nonsense with a point of view strategy military.Today Seychelles to morrow Tahiti beautiful islands for tourism no navy.Mean military islands not any.
Observer at 2011-12-14180.190.183.*
Liar, liar, pants are on fire... your nose is longer than a telephone wire....

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