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China's female commandos training process disclosed

(China Military Online)

09:22, December 05, 2011


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observer1 at 2011-12-26108.20.74.*
west: people jump from land into te oceanCN: people jump from ocean onto land
Big Al at 2011-12-0667.164.35.*
Cartman, check out "War & Gender" by Joshua S. Goldstein and "Partisanas" (forgot author"s name)to see why your analysis is way off empirical reality (to put it politely).Foxy, yes they are marines, specifically reconnissance special operators. The Chinese army special forces do have different uniforms and weapons. However, Chinese marine reconnaissance forces do learn seaborne, airborne and land assault. They, like the army special forces, are considered quick strike "fist forces," that is, part of the first line of "off continent" defense. The 2nd line is urban, industrial centers which are defended by regular PLA forces. The third line of defense, the vast rural interior, is largely defended by the militia (also comprised of a great number of women).
Jean-Francois Morf at 2011-12-0681.13.178.*
If only Afghanistan had had an army of female against the Talibans!All these bearded pedophiles would now be dead!
homer at 2011-12-0566.87.81.*
We have new femsle recruits for chinese touring circus.
Foxy at 2011-12-05175.139.124.*
Actually from their uniform and training method you can tell they are marine personnel. Light blue probably are reserve forces i believe. Commandos or special forces have completely difference uniforms and training methods, my guess is coastal defense trainees or personnel, the pictures are not very revealing at all.

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