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Aircraft carrier sails from port for new test

By  Li Xiaokun and Hu Yinan  (China Daily)

09:22, November 30, 2011

China's aircraft carrier leaves port on Tuesday for a second round of sea trials.(China Daily Photo)

BEIJING - China's aircraft carrier left port on Tuesday for a second round of sea trials, which are likely to include test flights from the refitted vessel.

"Carrier-borne aircraft will possibly take off and land on the vessel for the first time, as these moves cannot be done in dockside tests," said Yin Zhuo, a retired navy rear admiral and military expert.

He said an important component of the trial will be to test the steel cables used to catch the aircraft and decelerate them upon landing. The cables can bring an aircraft from going 300 km/h to a full stop in just a short distance.

Catapults may also be tested to see whether they can help propel various types of aircraft into the air.

"Of course, another task is to test communication between the carrier and aircraft, and whether the navigation system will lead the aircraft to their designated locations," Yin added.

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PD User at 2011-11-3076.124.224.*
Please let"s build some more aircraft carriers.I feel safer now (even psychologically) knowing we have (neophyte) aircraft carrier.Many Chinese are worried about the safety of our country now that the U.S is hostile to us and determined to contain us with the help of traitor and feeling inferior Asian leaders to white people .

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