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PLA naval fleet to go for exercise in western Pacific


08:33, November 24, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- The People's Liberation Army (PLA) naval fleet will go for routine training in the western Pacific in late November, according to a written statement issued by China's Ministry of National Defense.

The annual regular training is in accordance with relevant international laws and practice, and not directed toward any particular country or goal, the statement said.

China's lawful rights, including free navigation in relevant waters, should not be hindered, the statement added.


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Nic at 2011-11-2660.53.120.*
With stark memories still fresh in the mind and the current financial turmoil rolling all over the world, China should be on its toes to prevent overtures and itself being bullied and colonised again.More military exercises are needed not necessary to invade but to show to others that it has the capability to strike back hard when an occasion calls for.
helen at 2011-11-24203.82.94.*
China"s Weapons of Deterrence (WODs) must be constantly tested and upgraded to check US Global Tyranny. The United States has already fired its long delayed (because of US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan) salvo at China and now the die is cast.As long as the US$ remains the World Reserve Currency, US appetite to create troubles and problems for China and the world will now only increase in intensity and frequency. Thus the demise of US$ is of universal significance and will herald the beginning of the end of US Global Tyranny.A Great Leap forward for the Modernisation of the PLA is of paramount importance. Chinese scientists will see to that ... The Opium Wars, foreign powers" attempted full colonisation of China and the eight foreign powers invasion and plunder of Peking .......should be a constant reminder to those in charge of China destiny ...

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