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China–Pakistan joint drill kicks off

By Mu Zongcong (People's Daily)

15:21, November 21, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China and Pakistan held the opening ceremony of a joint anti-terrorism drill, dubbed "Friendship 2011," in Mangla on Nov. 17. A Chinese delegation, headed by Zhao Jianzhong, deputy commander of the Lanzhou Military Region of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and a Pakistani delegation attended the ceremony and reviewed the troops involved.

The head of the Pakistani delegation first delivered a speech in which he said that the friendship between Pakistan and China has withstood the test of time and has always been solid as a rock. The joint anti-terrorism drill has provided the two militaries with a precious opportunity to strengthen their ties and jointly explore new anti-terrorism patterns.

Zhao said in a subsequent speech that China and Pakistan is a friendly neighbor and a good partner that has always maintained sincere cooperation despite the changes in the international landscape. Pakistani and Chinese militaries have conducted a variety of pragmatic and highly effective exchanges. The well-tested "all-weather" friendship between China and Pakistan is indestructible, Zhao said.

Both sides also displayed military equipment after the ceremony. The Chinese delegation also visited training facilities of Pakistani land force. Thereafter, the joint anti-terrorism exercise of Pakistani and Chinese troops commenced.


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Faizan at 2011-12-01119.160.43.*
I am from Pakistan. as i wanted to tell my Chinese brothers i just want to tell whole China that anti-American conferences has started in Pakistan against U.S.A after the attack of NATO forces in western areas of Pakistan. every Pakistani is in great Shock. I requested to all Chinese brothers that please pray for Pakistan. We Pakistanis are ready to fight with U.S.A if U.S.A will attack on China and Pakistan, because America is a enemy of both countries. China Pakistan Zindabad.
Sam Teng at 2011-11-23175.139.86.*
The US is stepping up its military presence in the Asia Pacific region. It is doing so with the aim to counter the influence of China; and hope to encircle circle. Such imperialistic approach is to ensure that the puppet regimes including Japan and South Korea, of the US continue to be under their control.China cannot and should not watch idly and accept such irresponsible acts and threats from the US. It should also beef up its military alliance with its friendly nations. This is one way to prevent US hegemony in the Asia Pacific region. The US and its Allies have failed in their efforts to control the Middle East nations. With the tail between its legs, it is now in dire straits but has chosen the Asia Pacific region for its next playing field since there are still several stupid Asian Nations who still believe US is their big brother. The greatest terrorist threat to China now is the US and its Allies and not anybody else. The US is the main culprit for it is their CIA that instigate and finance terrorist groups to cause trouble in China.In God We Trust, but do not trust the US.

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