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PLA hails logistical miracle of 'fueling island'

(Jiefang Daily)

16:51, November 07, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.7 (People's Daily Online) --A division of the Beijing Military Region recently carried out a drill to test its emergency refueling ability.

After the artillery regiment of the division received the alert level changing order, it immediately started up the pre-arranged emergency-fueling plan. The fuelling service squad quickly connected up the oil pipes and installed a new type of "fueling island" within two minutes.

The "fueling island" deployed at the entrance and exit of the Vehicle and Artillery Field. It has 22 fueling sites, and the vehicles were being fuelled around it like ships in berths of a harbor.

Suddenly, the director of the drill called out a new scenario: "The 'enemy' found you. Disperse immediately!"

After receiving the order, the field fueling station started to act immediately and quickly moved to the appointed supply area. The "fueling island" was deployed swiftly once again and started fuelling 20 vehicles simultaneously. The fueling was completed within only several minutes.

"In the past, it took about 10 hours to fuel our regiment a standard volume of fuel oil, but now, the time has been reduced to 90 minutes," said Wang Bin, the head of the Logistic Department of a group army.

Wang said the new "fueling island" is an achievement made according to the practical battle requirement of effectively improving the fuel supply. The reporter learned that "fuelling islands" of this type will be popularized in the military units at the regiment level and above in the Beijing Military Region.

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