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Jinan base keeps tabs on army secrets with alarm

(PLA Daily)

16:32, November 04, 2011

Edited and Translated by Li Zhenyu, People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.4 (People's Daily Online) --On the morning of Oct. 17, several military officers were walking out of the office building of a regiment of the Jinan Military Region when an alarm bell sounded suddenly.

After taking a look at the computer screen in the duty room, the on-duty guard Wang Hui said to the officers politely, "Excuse me. The classified U-Disk of Zhou Li, the staff officer of the Operational Training Unit of the headquarters, has been taken to the security line. Please put it back." Hearing that, Zhou Li took out the U-Disk he had put in his pocket temporarily, returned to his office and locked it up.

Given the fact that disks carrying military secrets are frequently used and moved, the general staff of the regiment designed and installed an alarm system to keep track of disks with sensitive information.

The commander of the regiment Dai Ligang said: "The system could trace the military secret carrier all the time and automatically confirm whether the monitor on the carrier has been deliberately removed. When the carrier is being taken out of the prescribed area, the alarm bell will sound."

The regiment has installed an electronic identification card on every registered military secret carrier in a unified way, and every card corresponds to the owner of the carrier. In the entrance and exist of the office area, the equipment monitoring the military secret carrier have been installed too.

With this "electronic manager," if a military secret carrier is being taken out of the prescribed area, the computer in the secret room or operational duty room will sound the alarm bell and record the relevant information.

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