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PLA develops comprehensive information system

By Wu Xu,Ma Shengwe (PLA Daily)

16:44, November 02, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.1 (People's Daily Online) --After researching independently for many years and tackling hundreds of key technical problems successfully, the first new-generation comprehensive information system of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), which will integrate all the military services of the army, navy, air force and the Second Artillery Force as well as strategy, battle and tactics, was successfully developed recently.

The development of the system was guided by a research institute under the Information Technology Department under the Headquarters of the General Staff, and the success of the system indicates that the informationization construction of the PLA has realized a qualitative leap, and the command capability of the PLA's combined operations has realized an important breakthrough.

Facing highly difficult problems, including a large amount of targets of integration, complex information exchanges and strict decision-support requirements, the research team proposed the “waterfall and spiral” research idea.

By subdividing into three teams that interacted with each other closely, the development team has overcome many key technical problems, made a series of achievements, including situation perception, commanding and information integration. The team realized the organic integration of various groups, elements and support systems, and filled in many gaps of the PLA's information and network realms.

The comprehensive technologies of the system have reached advanced international standards. In recent years, a great batch of achievements made by the institute also won many national and military prizes for progress in science and technology, and especially, one of them won a national first prize.

The spread and use of the large batch of important fruits of science have accelerated the transition of the mode of generating combat capabilities. The reporter recently saw in a practice field in the Bohai Sea Bay that, with the new-generation comprehensive commanding system independently developed by the institute, as long as the commander clicks the mouse at a command post of the field army, enormous information will flow out like a waterfall and operation orders will be delivered to all directions quickly and precisely. A huge network of the land, sky and sea will be weaved immediately. The forces' systemic combat capabilities based on the information system have greatly improved.

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