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Microblog shows public interest in army recruitment

(PLA Daily)

17:00, October 28, 2011

Edited and translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Throughout October, an official national defense education microblog of the Yubei District of Chongqing saw a rapid rise in the number of comments about the subject of army recruitment.

After the recruitment drive for 2011 started, the Department of the People's Armed Forces of the Yubei District continued making changes recruitment methods, and its innovation of publicizing conscription policies using interactive dialogues on the microblog has attracted many candidates and their families.

Wang, an eligible-aged youth living in the Shuanglonghu Street, often uses his mobile phone to read microblogs. Since he found the official national defense education microblog of the Yubei District on the Tencent website, he has been following and learning about recruitment information and actively inquiring about the relevant policies. After considering it carefully, he has decided to enlist in the army. He told the reporter that he hopes he could see his name on the list of new recruits.

The reporter learned from the recruitment office of Chongqing that after the national defense education micr-blog was opened in May 2011, it has attracted more than 5,000 "fans" and received more than 30,000 messages.

Yang Xianjin, the political commissar of the Department of the People's Armed Forces of Yubei District, said that microblog recruitment is based on the fact that the current candidates for army recruitment all grew up in the era of the Internet. Therefore, it is easier for them to accept the recruitment policies and makes the entire procedure more open and transparent.


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ari at 2011-10-30115.134.72.*
The army can be a very good career move. I certainly encourage all youths to consider this when deciding what to do with their future or their lives. They can be in navy, air-force, or military.
PD User at 2011-10-2995.67.80.*
Have a nice day
wende at 2011-10-2971.125.85.*
It is good to have every youth to undergo military training to strengthen their physiques, mental prowess and sense of patriotism. These teens are getting soft!

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