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China defines terrorism terms

By Zhang Yang, Bai Long (People's Daily)

16:22, October 27, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Currently, terrorism has turned into a major factor affecting the peace and development of the world, and China is facing practical threats from terrorist activities. It is becoming more obvious that the anti-terrorism battle will be a long-term, complex and acute battle.

Empowered by the State Council, China's Ministry of Public Security Vice Minister Yang Huanning explained the draft of the Decisions on Relevant Issues Related to Strengthening the Anti-Terrorism Work at the 23rd session of the 11th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Oct. 24.

Yang said that because China had not made specific definitions of the words "terrorist activity," "terrorist organization" and "terrorist," China's campaign to crack down on terrorist activities and control terrorist assets as well as international anti-terrorism cooperation have all been hindered.

According to the specific situations of China's terrorist activities, terrorist organizations and terrorists and referring to the international conventions in which China has participated and the provisions of the relevant documents, the draft defines that: "Terrorist activities" mean activities carried out with the intent of creating social panic and hijacking governmental departments or international organizations and have caused or have the intention of causing severe social harms, such as loss of lives, heavy destruction to property, damage to public facilities and chaos of social order. Participating or financing the aforementioned activities or supporting them in other ways is also considered terrorist activity.

According to the draft, "terrorist organizations" refers to the criminal groups aimed at carrying out terrorist activities and the label "terrorist" refers to individuals who organize, plan or implement terrorist activities and the members of terrorist organizations.


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