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China's PLA Navy "Peace Ark" hospital ship arrives at Havana, Cuba


09:09, October 22, 2011

China's PLA Navy "Peace Ark" hospital ship arrives at the port of Havana, capital of Cuba, Oct. 21, 2011, and starts visiting Cuba, which is the first stop of its trip to 4 countries in Latin America to carry out medical service missions. (Xinhua/Zhang yong)

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Perhaps China could do a history lesson for the Chinese people on American crimes in Cuba - the over 150 assassination attempts the CIA made on Castro's life, the Bay of pigs, the terrorist act of bombing a Cuban airliner killing about 76 civilians, the U.S. blockade that Cuba estimates cost the Cuban economy 975 billion US dollars, the Cuban Five, large U.S. fines levied against ships/corporations that do business with Cuba, the U.S. prevents over 3,000 websites from linking to Cuba. The U.S. crimes go on and on. Great to see China in Cuba,China will be welcomed as a friend.

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