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New surface to air missile ready for action: PLA

(Global Times)

09:35, September 28, 2011

Official military media for the first time acknowledged Monday that China's new land-based mid-range Surface to Air Missile (SAM) system has reached operational capability. Military observers say that deployment of this missile system will boost China's air defense capability.

The new SAM system, dubbed by foreign media as the Hongqi-16, or Red Flag-16, has been delivered to an air defense unit in the Shenyang Military Region.

In a recent drill, two HQ-16 missiles fired by the unit successfully hit their aerial targets, the official website of the People's Liberation Army Daily reported Monday.

As well as being able to engage aerial targets at high altitude, the mid-range HQ-16 is also able to intercept very low-flying targets at a distance of up to about 40 kilometers, filling the gap between the HQ-7 short-range SAM and the HQ-9 long-range SAM systems, Lan Yun, editor of Modern Ships, a Beijing-based military magazine, told the Global Times.

According to Modern Navy, the official magazine of the PLA Navy, the naval variant of the missile system, which has been fitted on Type 054A frigates, can intercept sea-skimming missiles that fly less than 10 meters above the sea surface.

In modern air attacks, large numbers of land-attack cruise missiles, such as the US Tomahawk missile, are being used, Lan said. "They fly about 50 meters above the ground to avoid early radar warning and interception attempts," he added.

But the current mid-range SAM missile system HQ-12 can only engage targets that fly 300 meters above ground, according to the promotion brochure of its export version, called the KS-1A system.

"Besides the low-altitude engagement capability, the HQ-16 is also more accurate than the HQ-12. The deployment of the land-based HQ-16 can greatly enhance the mainland's capability to counter modern air attacks," Lan said.


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Jean-Francois Morf at 2011-11-0181.13.253.*
Google: quadrillion $ derivatives, then click on the red bomb! After this derivative Bubble will explode, for sure the crisis will be so great that USA will trigger World war III!
China4ever at 2011-10-19175.136.161.*
Jack Smith asks why China spends so much on the military. He should instead query why the US spends more than ten times what China spends. Since no country dares to attack the US,why do they have so many carriers,nuclear missiles,etc.?The Chinese need to have a stong military to deter the US from ever threatening China with nuclear or conventional attack.Please read the freedom of in fo act about Korea war and Taiwan 1954 and 58.You don"t fight someone stronger than you.The Chinese are not going to fight the US but to ensure the US will not escape with a mosquito or flea bite but rather a bee or scorpion sting if it attacks China.In 2001,Bush with his neo cons identified China as one of seven countries to be attacked with nw.That is why the PLA must develop 1000 one thousand nw and more missiles to deter the US.Why doesn"t the US attack NK?It aint going to escape with minimum casusalties. The fact is a few thousand GIs are going to die which is a deterrent.
PD User at 2011-10-19175.136.161.*
If China were defenceless like in Mao"s time and only the Peoples war tactics was the weapon,do you seriously believe the US would not say Taiwan is an independent country?The US is the biggest threat to the security of China.Of course when US forces attack defenceless countries like Iraq,Kososvo,the former had no means of retaliation.Thanks to PLA modernisation,the US forces no more have a sanctuary.That is making the US nervous. The US is used to punching other people in the neighbourhood.So when you can give him a bloody nose,he is shocked.Well as the PLA modernises further,the US will have to be more circumspect in any war with China.The PLA need not seek parity with US forces. The ability to wreak unacceptable damage is a strong deterrent.No amount of damage limitation or more nuclear weapons can prevent the Chinese from wreaking havoc on US forces and homeland if the Americans initiate a military strike on China with conventional or nuclear means.
ChinaLee at 2011-10-19175.136.161.*
China is building up its power to defend itself from US intimdation and nuclear blackmail.In 1950,54 and 58 the US threatened China with atomic bombs.Then in 1996 if China had attacked Taiwan,that would have been an excuse for the US to destroy China"s military assets with minimum cost.FF to 2011 if the US were to attack China the price would be unacceptable.The price will keep on going up until the Yanks wake up that it is better to live in peace thean to bully China.
Babu at 2011-10-11113.108.172.*
If your SAMs are juste like your food or trains,well I fear the worst...The bullies are the chinese who have nothing to do in South China Sea.

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