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US releases report on China's military


09:46, August 25, 2011

WASHINGTON - The US Department of Defense on Wednesday unveiled its annual report on China's military, recognizing and welcoming China's contribution to international safety and security, while still overlooking the country's peaceful defense policy.

The report, titled Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China, recognized that China has made "modest, but incremental, improvements in the transparency of its military and security affairs," while alleging "uncertainty about how China will use its growing capabilities."

China has repeatedly stated the defensive nature of the country's national defense policy, issuing a white paper on national defense in March to enhance its military's transparency and boost the world's trust in its commitment to peaceful development.

The Pentagon report also noted China's investment in modern military hardware and technology, including in its naval forces, as the country started its sea trials on a refitted aircraft carrier.

China is the last to possess an aircraft carrier platform among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

The report said China is developing anti-ship missiles that could target aircraft carriers while expanding the naval fleet. It said many modern systems have reached maturity and others will become operational in the next few years.

"Following this period of ambitious acquisition, the decade from 2011 through 2020 will prove critical to the PLA (People's Liberation Army) as it attempts to integrated many new and complex platforms."

The 94-page report, as usual, interferes with the internal issue of China by making willful comments on the situation across Taiwan Straits.

It said Taiwan remains PLA's "main strategic direction," and that PLA's modernization is focused on Taiwan contingencies even as cross-Strait relations improved.

The Pentagon report, submitted to the Congress by the Pentagon annually pursuant to a US law since 2000, has drawn protest from China over its interfering nature, distortion of facts and baseless speculations.

This year's report, however, said the United States recognizes China's contributions that support a safe and secure global environment. It says strengthening the military-to-military relationship is critical "as we seek to capitalize on opportunities for cooperation while mitigating risks."

The past year has seen improved military-to-military relationship between the two countries. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has visited China, while his Chinese counterpart, Chen Bingde, has visited the United States. Mullen has said he was "encouraged" on recent military-to-military exchanges with China, noting it lays a basis for further dialogue.


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PD User at 2011-09-0198.207.151.*
The warmongers will bankrupt themselves soon. "Soft Power" is the way to go. The Westerners never learn anything.
Michael Merritt at 2011-08-3175.92.103.*
It is all about money. The Pentagon is a trillion dollar operation. The more it scares Congress the more money it gets. That"s what these "reports" are all about. Recent polls in the US show that the people do not want to spend more money on defense. They"d rather have Social Welfare programs, health care, education, etc.So, I wouldn"t worry too much about what the Pentagon thinks about China"s military. It"s a unique situation because China is now the manufacturing base for the US. What shall we do, bomb our own factories?The only problem I can see is Taiwan. If Beijing is patient it will eventually unify Taiwan with the Mainland. To go to war for any reason other than self-defense is not a good idea. Just wait and the United States will self-destruct... then, if that"s your goal, you can pick off the remaining pieces. Until then, any confrontation will serve to unite the American people and sidetrack the revolution... which must eventually come as a result of diverting these vast sums to the military....
Guest at 2011-08-26206.248.255.*
Actually, they are more concerned about a "economic war" where China buys all the "stocks" in Europe and Australia, Americas with its 3 trillion war chest.
ralk at 2011-08-2569.170.115.*
As long as China stays on their side of the globe and ther USA on it"s side...leave it at that. But as we all know to well it will never be like that...China will eventually attack after much build up and lies like thay always do and then put the blame on some stupid reason why they did it in the first place. The USA will end up destroying China and then we are back to the first square again...China is just feeling her oats in strength and she will pay for it.
Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2011-08-25188.61.105.*
Pervez Musharref stated that the West whether under the name of NATO or International Community or any other name, with naked military power,can bomb a country into oblivion. China without a military antidote will find itself a victim of this type of wanton bombing as happened in Kosovo,Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Libya. In 1900, the then called allied forces did inflict such a war of aggression on the Chinese as the Ch"ing government was military incapability to defense itself. Whatever the US writes in its White Paper or otherwise of course it is defending its own interests. Chairman Mao Tse-Tung in the sixties decided that China must have the nuclear bombs whether or not it pleased USSR or anyone else. Chinese should not forget the wisdom of this great leader.

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