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PLA commanding officers appraised via integrated platform

(PLA Daily)

13:49, August 16, 2011

The five-day-long intensive training for chief military officers and chiefs of staff at the combat regiment, brigade and division levels of the Beijing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was concluded at a combined tactics training base on August 11, 2011. A total of 120-odd generals and colonels sat the appraisal exam, which proved to be the highlight of the intensive training.

The training base was hit by scorching heat in August. It was very quiet in the network classroom on the ground floor of the directing and adjusting center of a training base on the afternoon of August 11. In the front row of the classroom sat generals from various units while invigilators were the leaders of the PLA Beijing MAC. The atmosphere of the classroom tensed up at once when the invigilator declared the start of the exam.

“This examination is tough. It includes a large number of questions and involves very complicated conditions.” Jia Zhaoliang, director of the Simulation and Emulation Training Center of the PLA Beijing MAC, said that this is the first time for the Beijing MAC to use the integrated platform combining both training and assessment systems to assess the chief military officers and chiefs of staff from leading organs and units at the combat regiment level and above.

The examination covered tactical calculation, topographic analysis, space and satellite image interpretation, tactical problem exercise and leader determination mapping. All the operations should be done with the computer. The test questions were drawn from the examination database on the spot and each answer sheet was automatically scored by the computer in no time.


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Walton at 2011-08-17174.6.21.*
No matter what the US or the West think. China has the right to have its own carrier and to expand if necessary its naval power. To protect China and its possessions.
Edmad at 2011-08-16218.186.8.*
What is the point of this announcement?

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