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China's restructured SOA goes into official operation


13:24, July 22, 2013

BEIJING, July 22 (Xinhua) -- The restructured State Oceanic Administration (SOA) in China went into formal operation on Monday.

A new "State Oceanic Administration" name board has been set up at the entrance gate. Also, a "China Coast Guard" sign has replaced the 14-year-old plate of "China Marine Surveillance."

The administration was restructured earlier this year along with other government departments.

The SOA, which is administered by the Ministry of Land and Resources, integrates functions of China Marine Surveillance, the coast guard forces of the Public Security Ministry, the fisheries law enforcement command of the Agriculture Ministry and the maritime anti-smuggling police of the General Administration of Customs.

According to a rule recently approved by the State Council, the SOA will increase its duties concerning law enforcement and the protection of maritime rights.

The maritime police command, a department under the SOA, will be tasked with commanding and deploying marine police officers, the rule said.

The maritime police consists of the North Sea, East Sea and South Sea branches, with a total of 11 corps across China's coastal provincial-level regions, it added.

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