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Cultivating core value, a great project for rejuvenating China

(People's Daily Online)

07:48, November 15, 2012

Cultivating common core value in society is a great project of refining the "soul of rejuvenating China." It will be a long process before the project is recognized generally, goes deep into all aspects of society and becomes a social standard that is inseparable and can be used anywhere.

But it is relatively easy for the project to build a consensus on account of special social existence in the special period.

The current social existence showed profound changes in economic system, social structure, different interest groups and ideas of people, as well as increasingly strengthened independence, selectivity, diversification and differentiation of people's mind activity.

It should make the best use of the situation and be perseverant and appropriate to cultivate the core value. The 18th CPC National Congress proposed to "advocate prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony, advocate freedom, equality, justice and rule of law and advocate patriotism, dedication, integrity and kindness" on the basis of "carrying out education of socialist core value system and using the socialist core value system to guide social thought and build social consensus." The three "advocates" indicates the direction for promoting the project of rejuvenating China.

The social progress needs to be guided by the political ideas of an advanced class, so the progress of China must be guided by advanced and scientific Chinese Marxism — the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The advanced nature stands for right direction and surely is the "core."

Advocating prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony to link the core value with the cause of Chinese people from the national level, advocating freedom, equality, justice and rules of law to inspire social vitality with the core value from the social level and advocating patriotism, dedication, integrity and kindness to inject the core value into the education from the personal level. In this way, the advanced guiding ideology of Marxism is fused with the common core value of the society.

It would be better to make cultivation of socialist core value into practice than just say it.

Scientific proof and theory is the premise to cultivate common core value followed by all the people who respect for it and always keep it in their mind.

Read the Chinese version at: “兴国之魂”的伟大工程, Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Ye Xiaowen

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