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Backgrounder: China's major events since CPC's 17th national congress


08:46, October 31, 2012

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- The 18th National Congress of China's ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) is scheduled to start on Nov. 8.

The following are some major events in the country during the past five years since the CPC's 17th National Congress was convened, according to information provided by the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee:


-- From Oct. 15 to 21, the CPC's 17th National Congress was convened. The Scientific Outlook on Development was enshrined in the CPC Constitution.

-- On Oct. 22, Hu Jintao was elected as general secretary of the 17th CPC Central Committee and named chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission at the first plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee.

Members of the newly elected Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the 17th CPC Central Committee were Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang.

-- On Oct. 24, the country launched its first lunar probe. The circumlunar satellite Chang'e-1 launched successfully and entered into orbit.

-- On Nov. 15, the State Council announced China would conduct its second national economic census in 2008. Its major results were publicized on Dec. 25, 2009.

-- From mid November to December, the country's eight non-Communist parties and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) conducted their leadership reshuffle.

The eight political parties were the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, China Democratic League, China National Democratic Construction Association, China Association for Promoting Democracy, Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, China Zhi Gong Dang, Jiu San Society and Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League.

-- From Dec. 3 to 5, China held its three-day Central Economic Work Conference.

The government decided to strengthen and improve macro-control, push forward reform and opening up, as well as technical innovation. It also decided to optimize economic structures and improve economic growth quality, enhance environmental protection and emission reduction. Additionally, it pledged to double its efforts in improving the livelihoods of people and facilitate social harmony, to promote sound and fast development of the national economy.

-- On Dec. 31, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council publicized guidelines for enhancing the building of an agricultural infrastructure to promote development and increase farmers' income.

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