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China now world's largest energy producer: white paper


20:26, October 30, 2012

China's State Council says China has become the world’s largest energy producer, producing 90% of the energy it consumes.

A white paper on energy policy says in 2011, China’s primary energy production reached the equivalent of 3.18 billion tons of coal, the highest in the world. The first stage of China’s oil reserve project has been built, improving China’s emergency energy response. Over the past five years, China’s energy consumption per capita GDP has fallen by more than a fifth, equivalent to saving about 710 million tons of coal.

China’s installed capacity of hydropower stations has reached 230 million kilowatts and 47 million kilowatts of wind-power, again, the most in the world. China now has more than 180 million people who can use gas and more than 550 billion yuan has been invested in upgrading China’s rural electricity system.


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