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China forecasts weather on Diaoyu Islands

By Wang Qian (China Daily)

09:13, September 12, 2012

The first Chinese forecast of weather conditions on the Diaoyu Islands and in surrounding waters was broadcast on China Central Television on Sept 11, authorities said.

Yu Fujiang, deputy director of the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center of the State Oceanic Administration, told China Daily the forecast will air at about 2 pm every day on CCTV.

The forecast will be also broadcast on other media, including China National Radio and over the Internet.

The forecast includes the average temperature and wave heights within the coming 24 hours, according to Yu.

A statement released on the website of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) on Tuesday said the forecast on Diaoyu Islands and the surrounding waters will protect the safety of Chinese fishermen sailing nearby and guarantee the country's maritime rights.

Forecasting the marine environment on the Diaoyu Islands and in the surrounding waters is one of the important tasks of the SOA, said the statement.

The Tuesday forecast said the average wave height in the waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands will be about 1 m in the coming 24 hours and the average water temperature will be about 28.3 C.

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