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About CCUD & CVs of DG and DDG

(People's Daily Online)

15:11, August 10, 2012

China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), established in 1998, was a public institution of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). It has been participating in surveys on such major issues as urbanization and urban development carried out by the Central Government and State Council, and has provided them with consultancy on issuing relevant policies and documents for their decision making.

CCUD specializes in policy research on urbanization and urban development. Entrusted by NDRC, it is responsible for providing guidance for 711 pilot cities under the National Development and Reform Pilot Program. Major functions of CCUD include providing policy consultancy on urbanization and urban development; assisting cities in formulating various development plans; and organizing international conferences. It has co-organized international conferences with such international organizations as the World Bank, ADB and UNDP; and is cooperating with the World Economic Forum through its Director General being a member of the Steering Board for the Future of Urban Development.

CCUD has carried out international research projects, the results of which have tremendous impacts in China. It obtains the professional qualification for international training issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, and has organized domestic and international training programs for urban government officials. Besides, it has carried out Human Resource Development Cooperation Program sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, providing government officials from developing countries with training on urban development and government administration; assisted cities in formulating strategic planning, undertaking urban marketing activities, and carrying out sports and cultural exchange activities to build a platform for promoting cooperation between urban governments and enterprises.

The goal of CCUD& CVs carrying out international cooperation programs is to promote its collaboration with international organizations and NGOs on research into issues related to urbanization and urban development, facilitate the internationalization of research on sustainable urban development, and deepen exchanges and cooperation between Chinese cities and foreign cities and enterprises.

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