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Cold and warm tones on the Internet

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, July 26, 2012

The Internet is like a palette of the virtual world with both warm and cold tones.

People have more than once witnessed the warmth from the virtual world, including rescuing homeless begging children, providing free lunches for students in poverty-stricken areas, raising money for "the most beautiful teacher" Zhang Lili and mutual help of people in the massive downpour in Beijing through the micro-blogs, which stimulated hundreds of millions of netizens to participate in the public affairs.

However, rumors, Internet violence, blind queries and wars of words also wildly spread on the Internet. What's worse, the ugly farce of "fight agreed on the microblog" even occurred, which pulls the Internet conflicts and violence into the real world.

With technological development, the Internet has become an increasingly important exchange platform for different groups and social status. However, some exchanges on an equal footing did not bring mutual understanding and rational thinking.

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